Original Shows
Comic Wars
by Matt Wohlfarth

Comic Wars was created by Matt Wohlfarth as an exercise through his University of Funny. The show bouts 2 teams of contestants against each other with a series of challenges related to stand-up comedy, improvisational speaking, quick wittedness and some theatricals. Hosted by a seasoned comedian and stacked with proven challenges, the show is guaranteed to be unique every time you see it as well as highly entertaining and hilariously funny!

Book Comic Wars for your private event, fundraiser or license it as a series in your comedy club. Call 310-909-6446 for more information.
Campground Comedy Tour
by Matt Wohlfarth

The Campground Comedy Tour is the newest addition to the Wolfie's Comedy showcase. Howl at the moon, with Wolfie's Comedy while relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now accepting bookings. Call 310-909-6446 for more information.
Snow Funny
by Matt Wohlfarth

Snow Funny is the original Wolfie's Comedy showcase with a destination in mind. A 90-min comedy avalanche, right at basecamp. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and relax your legs from a day of skiing with Wolfie's Comedy.

Call 310-909-6446 for more information.