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Welcome to the UNIVERSITY OF FUNNY, Pittsburgh's only school for the funny. We teach people how to find their inner funny. From business professionals to students, the University of Funny is perfect for anyone. If you've found us, we're happy, because you'll be taking the first step to adding funny to your life!

Have you ever wished you were able to control a conversation better? Maybe tell a story without losing someone's interest? Or perhaps make a presentation with a little bit of spice? (and no, we don't mean by taking off your clothes)... Having a broader understanding of how comedy works and how to incorporate it in your every day life is our mission.

But it's not just all stand-up. We also offer acting classes, improvisational classes, photography, filmmaking and basic art of comedy classes. We have something for everyone. Check out our classes now or sign up to recieve our mailing list with specials and discounts.

We have designed all of our adult classes to be excellent sources of professional development. If you're a business professional looking to break out of your shell and learn to communicate more efficiently, our classes will be great for you. Our classes are never more than 10 students at a time so you can always get that 1-on-1 training you need to accomplish more with your professonal life.

Each class will address many things you will encounter in both business and life. From 1 to 1 communication to delivering speeches and presentations, the University of Funny will boost your confidence. Our techniques can help with:

• identifying with your peers and boss
• getting a promotions and raises
• making presentations to audiences
• increase your sales numbers
• help with cold-calling
• much more!

Sign up for a class today and begin your new future!


Contact us for class information: 310-909-6446.